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What Is This ?

A Huge Musical World

More than 70 handmade playlists, classified by musical genres. A whole gallery of musical moods, world to discover music the fun way.

Better than Radio and Discover

With the handpicked tracks and the playlist containing cult and overlooked tracks, you'll be sure to make amazing discoveries

A fun approach to music

Each playlist is named with a building corresponding roughly to the musical genre to create like a giant city. The idea is to let people travel and wander through this great musical map. 

A huge collection






Hours of Music

And there's more 

We're also on Social Media

In a way to promote this project in a easier and more efficient way, A Musical City is also on Social Media. By following us, you'll get daily album reccomandations, musical quizz, trivias and many more stuff so don't hesitate !


Also offers a 20 track weekly playlist

If you're not the greatest digger of music, you can always chill out at the Kiosk. A weekly updated playlist curated with content from the others playlists !

🎵 20 tracks of various genres
🌍 From across the world
💿 New & Old stuff for your ear pleasure !

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