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What Is This ?

Musical City is a project born from my passion for music and discovering it. As a big music wanderer, I've gathered many music of all genres and thought it would be a good idea to share it to everyone. In the idea to make people discover music, I've made 70+ playlists classified by musical genres, containg cult and overlooked tracks.

Musical City is more than just a playlist series, it's a travel. Each playlist is assigned to a building/location in a city, each one being linked to the overall vibe of the genre. Death Metal has the graveyard, Ambient has the library and so on... On this site you'll find links to all our playlist as well as blog articles and other things so stay tuned !  

A huge collection






Hours of Music

And there's more 


Also offers a 20 track weekly playlist

If you're not the greatest digger of music, you can always chill out at the Kiosk. A weekly updated playlist curated with content from the others playlists !

🎵 20 tracks of various genres
🌍 From across the world
💿 New & Old stuff for your ear pleasure !

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