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November 12, 2019

Musical City 

4 underground albums to listen on rainy days

When it's raining, most of us want to peace out, relax and stay warm inside, with a nice cup of tea or coffee. So why not pop out some music to listen to while watching the rain fall or simply relaxing. And instead of getting in big popular albums or tracks like "I'm Singin In the Rain", let's dive more into obscure and underground albums. So here's a handpicked selection of 4 albums to listen for when water is pouring outside !
A.A. Bondy - Believers

A.A Bondy - Believers (2011)

Genres : Indie Folk / Slowcore

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Born Auguste Arthur Bondy, A.A Bondy is an american Folk/Slowcore project. Lush guitar with slow and emotional vocals, this album is more to calm down and enjoying than one to forget the rain. The album artwork is quite evoking too, wandering in an empty road on a rainy night...

Shy Reptiles - Shy Reptiles

Shy Reptiles - Shy Reptiles (1989)

Genres : Post-Punk 

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Extremely obscure album from the end of the 80's, the short lasting band Shy Reptiles is from Stockon-on-Trees in the UK. Playing a dark, gritty yet energic blend of Post Punk, this album is very cold, but still the album evoke lots of feeling of a huge metropolis under the rain by an Autumn Monday. 

Paulina Cassidy - Phantom Gardens

Paulina Cassidy - Phantom Gardens (2019)

Genres : New Age

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New Age and Ambient music have, at least for me, a strong link to the "rainy days" feeling, tracks that just flow like the rain, either covering the downpour noise or mixing with lighter rains. And part of my favourite albums to mix with rainy days is Phantom Gardens. The very calm piano and the very soothing vocals hypnotises you and the very peaceful atmosphere is a miracle to forget the troubles and just... relax

Loscil - Endless Falls

Loscil - Endless Falls (2010) 

Genres : Ambient 

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Well, this album is not "obscure" as the other albums featured here, but this is not one of the most well-known Ambient album so, it counts. On a serious side, it's a Ambient album of soothing sounds with actual rain samples. The album feels a little melancholic and sombre, but is still a great one to simply disconnect and forget all the bad stuff going on