4 albums to celebrate Halloween differently

October 25, 2020 || #Selection

Halloween, king of spooky days is getting closer. And what a better way to wait for it than with music ? Halloween music, unlike Christmas music, don't have much to hold on to, "Spooky Scary Skeletons", "This is Halloween"... In all not much to make like a big playlist ! But... let's change that 🎃

Here's a selection of 4 amazing albums to celebrate Halloween with other, fresh and great new music ! Get your Pumpkin Spice Latte out, we're going for a SPOOKY ride ! 

Kim Petras - Turn Off the Light (2019)

Genres : Electropop / Synthpop / Dance-Pop

Electropop, Synthpop with spooky lyrics and great production, this album has tons of elements and different music for all tastes. Clean production with cool, even though too few, Horror Synth compositions and catchy vocals, this album is one I'd sing along to ! Perfect to be listened with colored LED lights in a dark room for even more aesthetics. Perfect mix of funny, spooky, charming, if you haven't yet, listen to this !

Pumpkin Witch - Final Strike of the Pumpkin Witch (2019)

Genres : Dungeon Synth / Horror Synth / Noise

Pumpkin Witch is one of my favourite Dungeon Synth project of all-time. Not only is it a very creative album, but it's extremely captivating, eerie and well-composed. Like many dungeon synth albums, the melodies are simple and sometimes repetitive, but the noise textures keeps your attention on and on. I love the clash of the "child-ish" aesthetics of the cover art and the very dark and evil sound of some tracks, especially "Ghastly Gambol of Ghosts and Ghouls".

La Torture des Tenebres - IV: Memoirs of a Machine Girl (2017)

Genres : Black Ambient, Noise, Death Industrial, Atmospheric Black Metal

This album has nothing at all to do with halloween, but if you're looking for scary music, you've got your album right here. Drowned in noise and screams, this album holds on this "Noise Black Metal" aesthetics. Feeling like hearing pure chaos of a dying metropolis through speakers, and I'm not joking. Raw, dissonant, noisy, this album combines part of pure sonic annihilation and sample-based work and bone-chilling moments. Be aware, this album is very noisy and loud, not for everyone.

Three-6 Mafia - Mystic Stylez (1995)

Genres : Memphis Rap, Horrorcore, Southern Hip Hop, Gangsta Rap    

Three-6 Mafia debuted by a very dark, visceral approach de Hip Hop. Production sounding from horror movies, creative sampling... a production very ahead of its time. Oh, and a bunch of different voices. The best thing ? All those voices blend beautifully and have a distinct personality. This album helped defining the wide genre of Horrorcore and it's a true classic.


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