5 Deconstructed Club Albums you should hear

June 20, 2020 || #Selection

Deconstructed Club, also know as Avant-Club or Post-Club is a wide genre that uses elements of EDM and combining them with abrasive & technical Post-Industrial influences. Giving an amazing result, here's my pick of 5 great albums of this genre, not the most popular but my favourites.

Amnesia Scanner - Another Life (2018)

Genres : Deconstructed Club / Electro-Industrial

You can still hear some EDM and even pop codes through the album but they are so much desecrated, transformed and mutated if feels like it's from another world or a thousand years ahead. Amnesia Scanner plays these intense apocalyptic styles where you feel surrounded by androids dancing to no end in a lost club. The German project fuses many elements thought the album and you cannot expect where the album is going. A fantastic album.

doon kanda - Luna (2018)

Genres : Deconstructed Club / UK Bass / IDM

And now for something completely different... Luna. The melodies feel enlightened by the moon under a mysterious night. The EP feels more "relaxing" in a "Getting lost in a cavern under the company of an elf" kind of way. The title track is a real catch and I caught myself more than once whistling of taping the melody on my desk. Don't let the album artwork disturb you and accept this invitation to this IDM influenced magic Deconstructed Club EP. Let yourself be guided by the drums and the melodies.

Recovery Girl - Recovery Girl (2020)

Genres : Deconstructed Club / Bubblegum Bass

Bubblegum Bass is one of the rising genres of this decade, with artists like 100gecs, SOPHiE, A. G. Cook... Recovery Girl, alias of Galen Tipton, has taken all those influences and made this abrasive and insanely technical powerful punch of almost 20 minutes of nothing but pure dancing energy. The vocals are pitched as hell but it's part of the genre aesthetics. And yeah, this EP might not be for everyone's taste but god do I love it, it's a grower of an album.

Vessel - Queen of Golden Dogs (2018)

Genres : Deconstructed Club / Chamber Music / Classical Music

Absolutely unique take on Deconstructed Club music, Vessel fuses Modern Classical, New Age and IDM. And the result is stunning and beautiful and feels like a clash of times. Vessel manipulates his palette of sound in an almost perfect way, even thought there's a lot of sounds on this palette! The vision and concept of the album are crystal-clear at the very first second. The introduction "Fantasma (for Jasmine)" is a perfect example of this on-the-point craftmanship of classical and modern music.

Sd Laika - That's Harakiri (2014)

Genres : Deconstructed Club, UK Bass , Glitch

Yeah, I'll say it right ahead. The cover art is creepy I know, but this album is worth the listen if you love Deconstructed Club. This album is more focused on noise and glitches than the rest. The sound has more snap and punch thanks to these layers of noise and "bleep bloops", when it's not straight up Grime influences like on "Meshes", which feel like old-school dubstep on depression.


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