5 albums released in January 2021 you should listen to now

February 2, 2021 || #Releases

The first month of 2021 is now over and there's already plenty of amazing albums released only during January, here's our selection of the albums you should listen to now ! Grab your headphones and let's dive into it !

Fax Gang - Aethernet

Genres : HexD, Electropop, Cloud Rap

After a great debut EP "FxG3000" the Fax Gang collective treated us with a full length album on the very first day of 2021. Diving in the rising genre of HexD while adding lots of influences, the album pack a solid slab of 34 minutes of pure noisy, ethereal and colorful bliss. The crushed production and lo-bit aesthetic might not please everyone, but this musical trend promises a lot. Highly creative and daring with it's distortion and style, the record is an experience on it's own and we can only hope Fax Gang will continue to impress in the future.

Beach Bunny - Blame Game

Genres : Power Pop, Indie Pop

If you enjoy Power Pop with some Indie flavour to it, you'll really enjoy "Blame Game", instantly catchy hook right on the first track, this short EP features great girl vocals and energetic almost teen-movie like vibes but in a very good way. Plus it's on a lyrical point a very good album, with criticism of how girls are blamed in harassing stories, toxic masculinity and clear call out against sexism. Overall, "Blame Game" manages to deal with very serious subjects while keeping somehow a cheerful musical tone to it, which makes it an album with high replay value.

R.A.P Ferreira - Bob's Son

Genres : Jazz Rap, Poetry

Following the successful "Purple Moonlight Pages",  R.A.P. Ferreira strikes back with a conscious, abstract jazz rap album filled with even more poetry that the previous album. The Cough Bomber has returned to us, and while it's not AS good as the previous album, "Bob's Son" features interesting ideas and concepts. Mostly thanks to the amazing productions filled with jazzy influences while not being cliché of jazz, an experimental and successful approach.

Grima - Rotten Garden

Genres : Atmospheric Black Metal

Russian Atmospheric Black Metal band Grima makes us dive once more in their cold and dark musical scape through some sombre and oppressing forests. "Rotten Garden" isn't just a generic Atmospheric BM album, it's a direct dive in the frozen lands, where the screamed vocals echoes and with a very clean production. Plus, for this time around, the band even more melodic than the previous album "Will of the Primordial", adding even accordion to the mix by times, it's also a great ode to nature and forests.

Weezer - Ok Human

Genres : Pop Rock / Chamber Pop

Pandemic hit all of us hard, and Weezer wasn't an exception, forced to delay their tribute "Van Weezer" project, the band takes wrote a full album without any electric guitar, not electronic elements. 38 minutes of beautiful and melancholic tracks about lockdown, isolation as well as the impact of technology on our lives. Despite being a little "boomer" on some lyrics, the album orchestral instrumentation and vocal arrangements make this album a very sweet listen, do not miss on this one.

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