The Best Dungeon Synth Albums of 2020 So Far

November 10, 2020 || #Selection

Those last years, the Dungeon Synth completely exploded in a myriad of new artists, waves and new albums, and 2020 is also part of this. Exploring this genre is like getting lost in a giant maze. Here's my pick for the best albums of this year so far for the Dungeon Synth scene, no ranking.

Arthuros - KOSMOS (2020)

Genres : Dungeon Synth, Space Ambient

Majestic is the first word coming to my mind when I think about this album. Each melody feels like a colossal explosion of light and magic, and cosmic energy. Yeah, this album adds also Space Ambient and to the mix of Fantasy music and it's a damn great success. "A Sword Dipped In Star's Blood" feels like stargazing the most beautiful night sky ever on top of the highest tower of a castle. There's also a lot of "Depressive Silence" sound inspiration, but with much more grandeur and stars. I would totally use this album as background music for late-night RPG Games.

Disciple of Dagon - Cryptic Dissipation of Ugarit (2020)

Genres : Dungeon Synth, Dark Ambient

Diving in the darker side of Dungeon Synth, Disciple of Dagon takes you on a lovecraftian journey through the ruins of Ugarit and in the deep cult of Dagon. Hauting atmosphere and mind-bending synth work this album nails the kind of aesthetics that leaves you begging for more. It's the kind of deep album that requires to be in a quiet place to be fully appreciated. A really good album that makes me wanting more of lovecraft themed Dungeon Synth albums. 

Royaume des Brumes - Realm of the Fog Queen (2020)

Genres : Dungeon Synth

True lesson in simplicity, "Realm of the Fog Queen" shows how, with a few elements, you can deliver a fantastic album with a unique atmosphere. Without any loud and epic-sounding synths but focusing more in a ambient-ish compositions of serene melodies, this is one of the few albums I'd use to relax in this genre. It may sound naive by times, but on my side, I feel a sincere appreciation for music and the genre. The artist behind has many projects under various aliases and shows in each project the same honest and authentic feel.

Barbarian King - Barbarian King (2020)

Genres : Dungeon Synth , Cinematic Classical

Are you a fan of Conan or Xena movies ? Are you fed up of knights and kings and want more muscular barbarians ? I've got you covered. This album embodies desolated lands ruled by mighty barbarians and feels like the lost movie score to an abandoned movie about a one mighty heroic barbarian and his journey. Ritual drumming, dark synths and martial melodies, it has all the great elements you expect for such a project name.

Blood Tower - Clock Dreams (2020)

Genres : Dungeon Synth

Blood Tower is a name I follow since a while and each project amazes me more, with "Clock Dreams", they once more strike the way I like. The album feels both vibrant and cold, distant and huge, thanks to the immense Ambient atmosphere, the epicness and majesty of the album is fixed and won't bulge. The lo-fi and textures of the synth give the whole 20 tracks the same feel as being just awaken from a dream, between sleep and wake.


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