UnderMusic #02 - A selection of Obscure Albums

December 20, 2020 || #UnderMusic

Welcome to the second installment of UnderMusic, the blog series where I'll cover obscure albums of all genres for you to discover ! Here's a selection of six albums I really enjoy and that are not as popular as they should (for me)

Amii Ozaki ‎– Air Kiss  (1981)

Genres : City Pop, Pop Rock, Funk 

Born in the metropolitan areas of Japan during the 80's, City Pop is a genre taking inspiration from Pop Rock, Folk, Funk, Jazz, Disco or even Synthpop. And in this genre, Amii Ozaki's work is very underrated for me. Bringing her soft voice to great danceable and beautiful instrumentals with very positive and happy vibes. The groovy and funky tracks are absolutly gorgeous, especially Junjou. 

Death Racer - Qualifying (2020)

Genres : Black Metal, Speed Metal 

Black Metal shrieks, Speed Metal fast-pacing all in a Formula One aesthetic ? Sign me up ! This Demo EP promises a lot of potential, the three tracks are insanely good and agressive. It's lo-fi sound gives in even more fun to listen to for the pure raw energy of this. And like, damn, I really encourage metalheads to listen to this one, it's worth your time.

Internazionale - Elegy for the Victors (2015)

Genres : Ambient, Industrial, Minimal Synth

Ambient textures, minimal synth melodies and with a sombre undertone, this album feels distant yet surrounding you, like being in the middle of a giant city at night under the snow of a cold winter. Synth-based ambient drives me because of how visual and vivid the texture can be while being so minimal at the same time. A good EP to listen to while working late at night, not too attention-consuming but not too faint either.

Train Fantome - Manemeur (2017)

Genres : Dungeon Synth, Avant-Folk

I wasn't expecing such a kind of album to exist, but god damn it's good. Minimal dungeon synth, guitars and a very beautiful voice, this album is very charming. And, oddly enough, I love how the synth sounds, sounding like ghost chanting with the main vocals. Having this Old PC RPG game vibe too, a great album to listen to with a hot beverage.

Bloodbath64 - Aestheticadelica  (2020)

Genres : Neo-Psychedelia , Vaporwave, Chillwave, 

Mixing Vaporwave and Psychedelic Pop is already enough to grab my attention, even more when it's done as well as on this album. This album feels like a trip, but not a bad one no, like a good, safe colorful trip. The repetitive samples, the overall aesthetic & vibe of this record makes this an amazing album for background music for those who enjoy it.


Genres : Experimental Hip Hop, Trap, Black Metal, Nightcore

If you like to lurk in the depths of Soundcloud Rap and especially on the more experimental side, you might have seen covers with such aesthetics. Combining elements of Trap, Metal, Electronic with effect-heavy vocals and an overall Lo-Fi production, Surge (or Bitmyst, bitcrush...) is a very creative wave of artists that always impress me. This WXLFCRXW mixtape packs a lot of the genre tropes and makes a good overview of what the genre is.