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Here you can see the whole playlists of the project, you got the name and the quick descritpion of the playlist. You can use the search bar too

Name of the playlistDescription
The City HallAll the tracks of all "A Musical City" playlists here
The Ambient LibraryAll Kinds of Ambient Music : Classic / Dark / Space / Ritual 
The Art Pop CinemaArtistic pop with a constellation of cultural influences
The Art Rock GalleryWhen rock melts away with colors and forms
The Avant Garde Metal ForestCreative sounds from far in the forest, where ermits try stuff
The Bass House BarSimple and Groovy House
The Black Metal ChurchSatanic screams & devilish riffs
The Chiptune ArcadeBits & Bloops
The Cloud Rap SkyscraperDream-like rap, near the clouds
The Conscious Rap TheaterWorked text, we tell stories. Less agression, more reflexion 
The Country FarmSee you, music cowboy
The Dark Cabaret ShowroomSteamy vibes from the cabaret 
The Darkwave GlacierCold, dark and full of sorrows
The Death Metal GraveyardAnd Dead Shall Rise Tonight
The Deathstep BunkerDeadly basses across the walls
The Deep House TunnelSoul-influenced and relaxed House
The Doom Metal RuinsDistorted atmosphere, slow riffs... there is no hope...
The Downtempo LodgeRelaxing and soothing tempo
The Dream Pop BeachA marvelous journey across guitars and relaxing voices
The Drum&Bass Data CenterQuick drums and big good basses
The Dubstep SatelliteEthereal Basses & Wobbly Cosmos
The Dungeon Synth CatacombsCryptic breeze from the dungeon
The EBM Vestiges Industrial beats and dark vocals, shout and scream ! It's aggortech
The Electro House StadiumBig basses to dance after a goal... I guess ?
The Electropop Candy StoreSweet and sour music and quite groovy !
The Emo BridgeDown here... we're sincere you know... but we're harsh too !
The Experimental Rap Warehouse Isolated geniuses that try stuff
The Experimental Rock WorkshopCraft, craft, craft something new !
The Folk AirportLet's go for a travel across the cultures of the world. Folk Music from around the planet
The Free Jazz Laboratory Break the codes, disrupt the rules.. even more
The Future Bass FountainHey, chill ! Let your mind be carried by soothing basses !
The Glitch ReactorNo, you're speakers are not broken. The music is this way
The Hard Rock CafeROCK N ROLL 
The Hardcore Punk ParkingFire and Chaos for a ruined place
The Hardcore AsylumHardcore forever ! Ranging from Happy to Speedcore and also oldschool Gabber
The Hardstyle DomeIf I Jump... Will I fall... or will I fly ?
The Heavy Metal FoundryGather your chains and swords
The Horror Punk CryptZombie, killers & pirates ! Let's the show begin !
The IDM LabyrinthAbstract & Cerebral Music
The Indie Rock Hill Great variety, but great songs
The Industrial Metal Machinery Industrial influence over the mechanic of metal
The Jazz Lounge Let your mind be carried by Jazz 
The J-Pop Maid CafePop or Metal with the Japanese twist
The K-Pop Idol AgencyPop or Metal with the Korean twist
The Math Rock ClassroomPrecision and complexity
The Modern Classical HotelA New Vision of Classical 
The Neo Psychedelic CastleNew approach to Psychedelia, catchy and sunny
The Noise Rock VolcanoScorching hot & dissonant but natural too
The Nu-Disco Patio Summer Time ! Future Funk vibes included !
The Post-Hardcore ArenaLoud & Powerful ! The true warrior songs !
The Post-Industrial Power PlantIndustrial on a whole new level, quirky or slowy !
The Post-Punk TowerReach for the sky, atmsopheric punk
The Post-Rock CaveTextural rock for the emotional poet in you
The Power Pop Park Powerful and strong pop to refill your soul
The Progressive Electronic HallLet your mind float away in a vast musical space
The Progressive Metal TempleLong stories and complex structures
The Progressive Rock StationRock can tell stories, sit down and listen to them
The Psychedelic Rock GardenLet's go on a trip 
The Rap RoadGone with the flow
The Riddim ClubYou'll be leaving in a neckbrace ! BANG YOUR HEAD ! 
The Shoegaze CobblerStare your feets, you'll need them
The Sludge Metal SwampWhen Doom & Hardcore collides, there's Sludge
The Stoner Metal TavernRaise your beer and down the tempo
The Symphonic Metal OperaOrchestral choirs will accompany the epic guitars
The Synthpop PlaceCold but funky, cool synths to groove on 
The Synthwave Avenue80's Feels ! Music to drive by night to ! 
The Techno FactoryThe machines won't stop singing 
The Trance NightclubFast music to rocket to the good feels
The Vaporwave ShopAesthetic
The Witch House CabinWitchery & Occult music
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